The homesteading hippie vagabond

flowerHe lives inside me. This misfit; the homesteading hippie vagabond.

He’s set-up shop in there, and seems quite comfortable.

Being a builder, his presence can be quite a challenge.

I try to sway him toward revenue-focused building efforts & “rocket-ship” growth opportunities, but he shrugs. His hippie nature prefers alternatives.

Somehow, over the years, he gained control of my decision-making efforts. He’s a crafty one.

When I build, I’m required to present projects to him, completed in-full, in some grandiose fashion. This is done to gauge his reaction.

His indifference is a killer. And that indifference even extends to projects where product/market fit has been identified. If he doesn’t feel some sort of connection, some level of affinity, then the project is doomed. Product/founder fit is more important to him.

‘Revenue’ mildly interests him.  Purpose  is his bottom line.

He’s wily though, & understands revenue is oxygen. Every project needs some to sustain itself. But it’s not his motivator; this homesteading hippie vagabond.

I’m often unaware of his true interests & motivations ~ I’m loosely familiar with them, though. At first, I thought he was web focused, aimed at tech “disruption”. I was wrong. I wound up discovering his preference in agriculture & ranching. I only discovered those cause I kept presenting projects to him. Rejection after rejection & rejection, until poof – he liked one.

I study each project he prefers, to see if there are any patterns. Sometimes yes, oftentimes no. So I’m required to continue dipping my toes in unusual waters.

Other folks try to influence him by suggesting ideas to pursue. He chuckles.

I sometimes bemoan the fact he’s in there. But I do stop & realize – his project preference is impeccable. The adventures he’s sent me on are marvelous (to me at least). So I simply let him drive decisions; to chart my course; this homesteading hippie vagabond.


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