Let go, then go

Loosen your grip; just a little will help. You can release it all if you want. I promise you won’t notice once you leave it behind, cause you’re moving forward.

It’s so freeing, to disrobe, and discard that identity. and start again.

We’re allowed to do that.

Take a new first step. You don’t even have to think.

Just lean forward.

No one teaches a bird how to build a nest. It just starts building. And when it’s done, it has a home.

Taoism calls this ‘the way’. Inner nature.

Do that. Just start building.

When you’re done, you’ll either have a nest, or a nest of experiences to push you forward.

Iā€™m tired of running round looking for answers to questions that I already know;

I could build me a castle of memories just to have somewhere to go ”

– Blaze Foley

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