I don’t spin plates; I manage hot tubs

👔 : “So tell me a little about what you do …”

😐 : “uh, I’m a domain investor, but tend to build on domains I acquire (vs flip, etc). I have 3 or 4 projects I oversee.”

👔 : “3 or 4 projects!? … sounds like a lot of spinning plates …”

😐 : “I don’t spin plates, I manage hot tubs.”

👔 : “🧐”

😐 : “Spinning plates insinuates my work is frantic. It doesn’t tend to be. My work life is akin to managing a collection of hot tubs. I’ll admit, it takes time to fill each with water, and then patience is required as their temperature rises to 103°. After that, oversight is quite manageable. I mosey around to each one, dip my toe to verify temp, then check chlorine levels & ensure jets are operational. Somewhat straightforward. And sure, one tub will encounter issues at some point, at which time I’ll focus my attention to try and right the ship in a timely manner. That sortof thing.”

👔 : “well, to use your analogy, you’d be best served if you focused on one ‘hot tub’ ”

😐 : “that sounds boring”

👔 : “it’s the first thing you learn in business school”

😐 : “biZZniSs sKule …”

👔 : “this is very unorthodox”

😐 : “I’m a Mexican fisherman, and I’ve already caught my catch for the day.”

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