Just an ounce of encouragement

SAV… that’s all I needed. It’s what my brother gave me.

I’m not sure if I would have walked down this path had he not.

The idea I pitched him was ludicrous – to purchase & install a high resolution camera at college football stadiums, pointed at certain sections. When exciting plays occurred, snap a photo. Afterwards, allow visitors to zoom into their section & purchase the photo as a keepsake.

Who knows if that type of camera exists. I was sortof copying the idea of photos taken while sliding down log flumes at Disneyland.

What matters is he listened, and gave me an ear to speak into. He didn’t roll his eyes. He didn’t balk or shut me down. He listened, made facial expressions for, and against the idea. And in my instance, simply suggested I try something simpler.

And it wasn’t this one idea, it was several. Whenever I’d concoct one, I’d pitch it, and gauge his reaction.

And each time, and each mild rejection, I continued to chew the fat. Just stewing on concepts to consider. My poor man’s business school.

The more I chewed, the more I cobbled together ideas.

And now that I look back, I recognize how important his open ear was. I’m thankful for that. And I’m working on ways to pay that forward.

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