My life is a litmus test

I’m never quite sure what pursuits might strike my fancy; so I’ll try most anything & study it like a litmus test.

Toss that shit into a petry dish, stir it up, & dip my awareness into it.

 what     color     did     that     thing     turn? 

I won’t know until I try.

Studying it won’t get me anywhere. If I asked someone’s opinion, I’d be in the same spot. The only way is if I dip that thing down into the slurry. Then wait & see how I respond.

I used to think my preferences were well defined & concrete. You wanna know what? Over the years, I’ve learned I’m wrong most of the time. And I also learned most preferences have lifespans.

I had some when I was younger, and then they evaporated away. Then I witnessed them evolve into new ones. Ones that I would have never anticipated. Like farming. Or ranching. Or coastal living (versus city or mountain). I only discovered those cause I began to tinker with my inner-nature. Tossing shit at it and witnessing the outcome.

It now seems silly for me to make assumptions. These days, when I encounter new opportunities, I’ve trained my brain to go empty. It’s not really needed in this exercise ~ ~ to overthink, overanalyze, question, debate, decline; all that noise. I turn it off & go with the flow.

My mind is sorta like an old, empty french oak barrel. Originally, I overfilled it. But over the years, I began to slowly pour it out. Splish by splash. Until bone dry. Now it’s soaked in odd experience & ready for randomness.

Sure, I’ll try that idea. Who knows if it’ll be a good fit. Yea, I’m a little nervous, but

the only way I’ll know is if I litmus test my life.

Moon River, Savannah, GA
Moon River ~ Savannah, GA

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